Model 195FM Series Flowmeters are designed for accurate regulation of gas flow. Backpressure compensated design insures accurate readings when line restrictions are present.

Gentec Spare Replacement Flowmeter For CO2/Ar

SKU: 195FM

    • Polycarbonate flow tube is square shaped for easy reading..calibrated for both Argon and CO2 gases
    • Model 195FM & 195FM-9 are calibrated for 0-60 SCFH Argon flow, 0-60 SCFH CO2 flow
    • Calibrated for 50 PSI inlet pressure
    • Body machined from class "A" brass bar stock
    • Easy adjustment brass knob for "fine-tune" flow settings
    • Choice of inlet connections, 1/4" NPT Male or 9/16"-18 RH Female
    • Weight: 1lb 2oz
    • UL Listed