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P3200 Series Specialty Gas Control Panel is a single-bank control system, designed to provide accurate control of a variety of gases used in research laboratories, laser gas systems, process analyzers, etc. Vent valves can be integrated for purging to ensure maximum purity of gas and minimize contaminant.

Gentec P32 Single-Bank Gas Control Panel


    • Single-bank gas supply
    • 2” stainless steel pressure gauges
    • All parts are mounted on a single panel for easy installation
    • Inlet valve(s) for changing cylinder(s) included. Outlet and Vent valves are optional
    • Diaphragm valves include an easy-to-read status window (open/close)
    • Integrated safety relief valve to ensure additional safety
    • Diaphragm valve connections are orbital welded to minimize contamination and leakage

    • Oxygen P3212BK-DHP-V-O2
    • Acetylene P3212BN-FLP-V-ACETYLENE
    • Nitrogen P3212BK-CGP-V-N2
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