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GENTEC Torch Handles are available in light, medium, and heavy duty models. Torch handles are machined from high-quality forged brass. Threaded construction facilitates easy repairs and servicing. 140T, 141T, 141TA, 142T and 143T Series feature Tube-in-a-Tube design within the torch handle. 442T and 443T feature two tubes within the torch handles.

Gentec Heavy Duty Torch Handle

SKU: 143TL
  • • 143T Series feature Tube-in-a-Tube design within each torch handle
    • 342T Series features Gas Saver On/Off Lever, which is designed for immediate On/Off control of the oxygen and fuel gases for precise gas control. The pilot adjustment allows for maintaining a small pilot flame for immediate acceleration of the flame on the brazing tip. 342T-Y is used with Acetylene/MAPP® and 342T-F is used with other fuel gases

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