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GENTEC Hand Cutting Torches are machined from high-quality forged brass. Model 161S, 162 and 163 Series feature tube mix design. 263 Series and Model 363S have inline tubes arrangement and can be used with any type fuel gases, such as acetylene, propane, natural gas, propylene and MAPP­, 2 PSIG and above. 463 Series has triangular tubes arrangement and are compatible to HARRIS­ model 62-3. 463 Series also has models available for oxy-acetylene, and oxy-propane cutting operations. Balanced design and rugged construction is ideal for medium or heavy duty cutting and scraping operations.

Gentec Heavy Duty Cutting Torch


    • Normal Type (363S-18)
    • 3 Ft, 90 Degree Head (363S-36-90)
    • 3 Ft, 180 Degree Head (363S-36-180)
    • 4 Ft, 90 Degree Head (363S-48-90)
    • 4 Ft, 180 Degree Head (363S-48-180)
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