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GENTEC® Flashback Arrestors are specially designed to prevent personal injury and damage to equipment from severe flashbacks. GENTEC® flashback arrestors are available for regulators, torches, and pipes.

Gentec Flashback Arrestor


    • Outlet connection: 9/16”-18LH and 3/8”-24LH are for Acetylene and Fuel gas models; 9/16”-18RH and 3/8”-24RH are for Oxygen models; 3/8”-24LH and 3/8”-24RH are available for torches and regulators only

    • Sintered Metal Flame Arresting Filter quenches the flame from severe flashbacks

    • Built-in automatic reset Check Valve prevents the reverse flow of gas by temporarily cutting off the gas


    • Torch L/H G3/8" (FA8TF)
    • Torch R/H G3/8" (FA8TO)
    • Regulator L/H G3/8" (FA8RF)
    • Regulator R/H G3/8" (FA8RO)
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